My Cab


The Mycab concept has stemmed from the need and focus of provision of accessible and fair deals pertaining to ground transport related issues of the business traveler.

Most of the times the business travelers have to face time crunches, during their tours across countries. Thus, Mycab has developed holistic methodologies to offer absolutely secure and cost-effective travel solutions to business travelers to ensure that they reach their destinations in a timely fashion, using taxis as the primary travelling medium.

The travel products of Mycab are Mycab® Flight Transfer and Mycab® Pick & Drop. These services promises to offer a hassle free solution to convenience, superior services and cohesive expense administration during one´s business tours.

Mycab travel products can be booked through travel agency, Internet or 24/7 Call Centre. This has been made possible by the in-house developed taxi booking system Netsys™ V5 which has also been designed and adapted to integrate with the worlds large travel distribution systems, known as GDS (Global Distribution Systems).

Being first in the global market, with a uniform ground transportation concept, it becomes evident that the concept will enjoy the “First Mover” status and enjoy extra financial gains from this.

Barriers to copy the concept and entry to the market is challenging because the success factor is heavily dependent on developing the highly sophisticated technology needed to handle global processes. Mycab has the required systems to take this golden opportunity and to become synonymous with ground transportation in the travel industry.